Matic Alliance is a new financial protocol built on Matic Network, which provides support for Matic’s ecological prosperity and is committed to creating an aggregated public platform that integrates Swap+NFT.

Matic Alliance was initiated and created by the Matic Chinese community and is dedicated to enriching the Matic on-chain ecosystem. Since many people in the Matic Alliance team are from Matic, such as most of the core technical members, we can also consider Matic Alliance as an integral part of the Matic community.


Matic Alliance is not only a currency market, but also a derivatives market, NFT market and future trading market. It can introduce more cross-chain futures, options and other products, and it is possible to create new types of financial transactions. When the project’s commercial market After the model’s great success, it has a good chance of becoming a typical DeFi application on Matic.

The MATIC ALLIANCE business plan is divided into three phases

1. NFT attracts powder and drains

2. 2.0 platform operation (Mac is used as a ticket and all destroyed)

3. Swap-Mac Ecosystem

Today we will focus on sharing 2.0 platform operation, crowdfunding and financial management.

1. MATIC’s 19-year private placement is 0.001$, listing is 0.0026$, the highest is 3$, the market value is the 12th in the world, more than 50 billion US dollars, and all the top exchanges in the industry are circulated and traded.

Crowdfunding financing launched by MATIC ALLIANCE.

2. MATIC ALLIANCE: The 2.0 crowdfunding wealth management ecosystem will be officially launched in early October.

3. The era of blockchain: The bull market brought about by BTC halving every 4 years. In the last 4 years in the mainstream currency circle, BTC has increased from more than 3,000 to more than 60,000, 20 times; ETH has increased from more than 80 to more than 4,000, 50 times.

In the bear market environment, seize the opportunity of Matic mainstream currency and wait for the bull market to return with a full reward!