Unicorns is a web 3.0 NFT+Defi+DAO-Powered Social Platform Built on Binance Chain.The purpose of the project is to create an open and win-win social trading platform.You can get maximize nft revenue in our Dapp.Later,we will cooperate with major trading web,You can also transfer to the three-party nft trading web through our Dapp link,After the transaction completed,you can apply for a rebate.


How to get the NFT of this project?You have two chooses

First way,join the Whitelist,Aceess the official twitter: https://twitter.com/Unicorns_Web,

You can see the officail #Airdrop Rewards activity


Then follow the requirements of WL,click the web:https://www.unicorns.name/

Choose connect your wallet,The Dapp support Support popular wallets like Metamask,Keplr .etc。To prevent robots from participating in activities,Your wallet address must be commonly used in order to pay small amounts gas fee.

There are different colors NFT,but the orignal price is 5 usdt.The same pirce.But you can join the Whitelist,you have chance to get the free NFT.

After completing the task of twitter,you can join the discord and verify your account,Then send the screenshot of twitter and your wallet address to the # Tweets-channal in the discord.


After Whitelist EVENT ENDS, We will announce the winners list at discord. The winners can get the Free NFT on the web. After owning NFT, except value growth, you can also get the 100 NUF tokens everyday.When our users reach 100k.Our tokens will login the Crypto exchange market.

Another way to get the NFT is purchase Directly, But you can only buy one,If you want to buy more, you have to invite a friends,When you invite a friend, you will get one more chance, and the limits for each person is 6 NFTS.

In general,This project is great potential,It takes little time to get the higher prafit。Strongly recommend everyone to experience。