With the vigorous development of blockchain decentralized finance, more people understand the huge wealth opportunities brought about by participating in the blockchain. Defi has exploded in two years, creating a lot of wealth myths, and also creating a lot of People lose everything, and there are tens of thousands of dead zombie coins. Under this situation, defi needs safer and greater innovation to lead the development of the industry, so that investors can regain confidence and ensure the safety of their funds. To achieve wealth growth under the circumstances, and the birth of V8 is destined to create a miracle, reshape the confidence and bright future of decentralized finance with a new concept mechanism and long-term planning.

Innovative advantages of V8:

1. Holding coins to earn interest, compound interest doubles, and solve the problem of difficulty in keeping coins;

2. Jointly share USDT with Zhuangzhuang to solve the liquidity problem and at the same time shareholders obtain continuous and steady income;

3. Buy the wallet at the highest price to share V8, reduce the cost by 50%, turn losses into money, solve the pain point of defi, the world’s first mechanism, attract more people to grab the high point at a low price, and solve the problem that most of the defi cannot continue to rise;

4. The smart contract has its own recommendation function to form self-propagation fission.

V8 long-term development plan:

In the first stage of V8, the influence of the community and the number of members will be enlarged, so that the V8 token can achieve global circulation and transactions, and achieve a hundred times the market value. In the third stage, a new generation of decentralized exchanges (NFT + DEFI + wealth management + Metaverse) will be built, and the V9 platform currency will be mined and made into the mainstream currency of star defi, creating a market value of 100 million.

Birth of V9Swap:

The V9Swap Metaverse Digital Circular Economy Decentralized Project is jointly initiated by the Singapore Etokng Blockchain Foundation and New Universe in the United States. It is a new generation of district centralized exchanges jointly developed by domestic and foreign defi mainstream teams and communities.

Etokng is committed to popularizing blockchain knowledge, blockchain technology, blockchain economic model industry-university-research innovation, and promoting the ecological development of blockchain digital economy in the global region. Relying on first-class technology, professional design team and developed international capital market, we tailor-made investment plans for every blockchain enthusiast. It takes the strategy of fund management assets, risk hedging strategy, asset appreciation space and other strategies; the development concept of steady and sustainable development as its own responsibility.

V9Swap Union Protocol is a tool to query, issue and trade NFTs on blockchains such as BSC, .Polygon, Tezos, Flow, etc.

V9Swap NFT:

Smart contracts written for each supported blockchain based on the blockchain layer. These smart contracts allow users to mint and exchange tokens. On top of the contract, we build an indexer to index a portion of the blockchain state, which allows us to query data about the NFT. Then, write the SDK to interact with the smart contract. All of these components are written for each supported blockchain and used in Union services and the Union SDK. Applications need to integrate Union services and Union SDK to interact with all blockchains in the same way.

The V8 DАO community autonomy system votes on various proposals (from specific NFT valuation to NFT transaction user management) through technical committee voting and parliamentary voting, and conducts referendums on major matters such as changes in parliamentary members to on-chain upgrades. V8 DАO will realize the autonomous ecology of token holders based on the evaluation system of parliamentary democracy and the user analysis system of on-chain behavior, so that V8 and V9Swap will steadily develop in the direction of becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization.